A wedding and its charm won’t settle down even if the size of celebrating it has been compromised because of the current scenario. What matters is the beloved partner and the safety of people joining in this grand start to the new chapter of your life. From wedding looks to welcoming guests, we got you covered to manage your lockdown wedding planning with innovative and easy ideas.

  1. Let's begin with an online invitation to your close and dear ones without spending a handful amount on printing cards, instead write that heartfelt message or make a video that makes your guest feel more special.
  1. Jumping into selecting a cozy indoor venue with a rooftop view providing the aesthetics along with a touch of classic indoor weddings.
  1. Keeping the lockdown decorations classic and beautiful with flowers smelling fresh also usage of local vendors could help to cut down costs eventually.
  1. Providing your guests with mini sanitizers as welcome gifts as reminding them how much you care for their safety is always necessary.

  1. Renting outfits might be a safe and smart option at this time of the year. Wedding outfits glamorous and beautiful could be rented in the process of saving tons.
  1. Engaging in celebrating two rituals in lockdown together like Mehndi and Haldi in a day. Mixing matching with culture and traditions could be fun for a change resulting in more enjoyment and saving up.
  1. The bride will always be stunning while wearing minimal jewelry with the outfit like a chic diamond necklace with a gorgeous red wedding lehenga while the groom would opt for classy kurta pajama with a jacket challenging the trends. Not to forget matching masks otherwise you are going out of style and safety.
  1. Happy guests leave with delicious yet healthy packed food included with notes making them feel important.

  1. Wedding photos will remain close to your heart even when all this ends. Ask your photographer friend to capture your special day through their lens during this lockdown wedding. Instead of some stranger. She/ He will not disappoint for sure!
  1. Court marriage along with a party with the families of the bride and groom along with friends could be benefiting lockdown wedding decisions. With money saved people who need help could be served whose prayers will fulfill your living.

Taking health as priority in this time of rush and caution is vital and the utmost responsibility of all individuals as we allow ourselves to cherish the small things which bring  joyous blessings to this wonderful start in your love life with your partner and family. Someday when all this is over and might feel like a dream we woke up from as we go back to our lives at our own cities and  at some blissful evening sipping your favorite coffee would delight the remembrance of surviving through thick and thin with your loved once and even how a pandemic could not take away that most memorable day of your life. To never ending hopes and challenging all beginnings no matter what life brings us.