I am not able to place my order?

Sorry for any inconvenience you have faced!
Please contact customer service at mail@glamourental.com
Or call 1-732-986-4011

Is an outfit cleaned after rental?

All our outfit will be dry cleaned after its rented. Thus, you will get a washed and dry cleaned outfit.

What is a security deposit?

Security Deposit will be required at the time of rental. We want you to treat these outfits as if they were your own. We know that routine wear and tear is unavoidable. However, if we find significant damage to the outfit which is not repairable by our dry cleaning process, then we will have to charge you to restore it. The charge will depend on the nature of the damage.

If it is major damage and can't fix it then the customer is entitled to pay the full value of dress.

What if a delivered outfit doesn’t fit me?

We believe in the best customer service. Customer happiness is our priority. Once you receive the dress, and if it doesn’t fit you send us a picture in first 12 hours after receiving your dress. You can email us at mail@glamourental.com or call us 1-732-986-4011. And you will get 100% refund or free exchange up to any value.

What is the policy for late returns?

The customer has to inform us at order@glamourental.com as soon as this happens to avoid being charged late fees. If the outfit cannot be returned within the pre-determined date, we reserve the right to charge your card accordingly. It will $30 dollars for every day after pre- determined return late, on top of the initial rental fee.

How do I cancel my purchase?

You must contact customer service at order@glamourental.com in order to cancel your rental purchase. If you cancel within 10 days of rental date, then u will receive store credit and that will be valid for one year from the date of your cancellation. If it is make to order and outfit is started to make it then we cant cancel it.

Does Saree rental include the blouse and petticoat?

It depends on the designs. Some sarees come along with a blouse while others do not so a separate purchase is required. Petticoat’s are also not included in the purchase.

What if I want to purchase an outfit that has been rented before?

You can buy it at a discounted rate. Please email us and we will give you the best-discounted rates?

How “Earn with us” works?

If customers have products lying unused in their closet. Rather than throwing them out, you can earn with us. The process is very easy. First, send us a picture. We need at least 3 different angles pictures. After our team has approved the dress, we will post it on our website. If your dress is rented, you are entitled to earn that amount. Glamourental will charge 25% of your rental value for providing this service.

If I am confused about what to wear, can someone can help?

Yes, our stylist is always happy to help you. Just call us at 1-732-986-4011 for an appointment, and our stylist will more than happy to help you to pick the outfit on your special occasion.
For any additional information, you can contact us at 1-732-986-4011 or email at mail@glamourental.com.

Worried about security deposit?

It's the time to throw away your worry! It is 100% refundable once we get the outfit back. So, no need to worry about anything. Just rent freely!
We collect 20-30% security deposit for the outfits on rentals. The exact amount will be displayed at the time of checkout and called out as refundable on your cart.
It is just the assurance that we will get our outfits back in good condition. We understand normal wear and tear usually happens. But for the major damage, we cover our outfits.

How does it work?

Security deposit will be charged at the time of checkout. After the outfit passes the quality check, we will return the same deposit based on the payment mode.
Online Payment: We will credit back the same amount in your bank account.
Credit card: You'll receive the same amount in your credit card.
Paypal: We can send your deposit through Paypal.

What if the Outfit Doesn’t Fit?

If the outfit you ordered doesn't fit, please try on the complimentary back-up size that you requested.
We do our best to provide accurate sizing and are available to answer any questions you have about specific measurements. We also provide complimentary back-up sizes in case the size you ordered doesn't work out. For these reasons, we do not provide refunds on any orders.

Accidental Stains or Damage to the Outfit?

We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable. As long as we can repair the outfit, there’s no need to worry. However, significant damage and theft aren't covered. If the item is damaged beyond repair, the fee will be equal to repairing or replacing the item, which will be determined by us. If the item is never returned, the fee is double the retail price of the item, and is yours to keep.

Late fee ?

If rental dress shipped after due date then there will be a late fee charge per day. The late fee will anywhere between $20-$50 depending on the dress.