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You agree that you are only authorized to visit and view a copy of sections or pages of the Glamourental website for your personal use and you shall not duplicate, publish, modify, hack or damage the contents. You are not allowed to distribute the data and information on the Glamourental website. You agree that you shall not upload, post or distribute any content for commercial purposes on Glamourental website.


You will receive a password when you register your account with us. You agree that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account. You will notice the Glamourental website of any unauthorized use of your account. Agree that you shall responsible for all activities occurring under your account. You agree to ensure that you logout from your account at the end of each session


Glamourental offers a number of online services through the platform. The products can be purchased on this platform through various methods of payments. The purchase of products shall be governed by policies like cancellation policy, return policy etc.


All the products will be delivered through Glamourental itself or through shipping partners. The products shipped to you will be cleaned well and ready-to-wear. The use of the products will be at your own risk. We will notify you about estimated delivery of the product you ordered. In case Glamourental is unable to deliver the confirmed order, the amount paid by you will be reversed back within a reasonable time.


You agree that you shall be responsible to return the products delivered to you within 4 days from the date of delivery. And in case, you fail to return the product before the expiry of the return date, you agree that Glamourental will impose the applicable late fee for each product for each day after the return date is expired.


Upon delivery of the product by Glamourental at the address given by you, you shall have responsible in relation to the use and safety of the product you ordered. You agree to treat the products with great care. Any kind of damage to the product shall be the sole liability of the user. It is clarified that in case of any major damage caused to the product, Glamourental becomes authorized to adjust the penalties for such major loss or damage against the security deposit paid by you.

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