About us

Neha Patel

Founded in 2019, I created GlamouRental to bring my love of rental fashion in North America and to cater to the needs of our Indian Wear loving clients at GlamouRental. I have started my fashion design business to make designer outfits on customer demand. Buying a Designer Wear is not cheap, neither everyone can afford it. So I came up with the solution of renting Indian Designer Wear for the people who don’t want to spend lots of money to buy Designer Wear.

I decided to create a platform where they could lend out the Designer Outifts in a safe and secure and cheap way.

GlamouRental is a way for women to make some money back from their purchases. Pieces rent for roughly 20% of the purchase price, rent them out 5 times, you’ve made your money back. Rent them 6, you’re making money!!

GlamouRental gives women the chance to rent a gorgeous designer piece for a fraction of the retail price because let’s be honest, once we have that one perfect pic in a killer outfit for Insta, we can’t wear it again!

I wanted to make the process as easy as possible, so we will take care of everything including Free alteration in a custom size and hassle-free shipping -delivery- return process and Free Organic Dry cleaning. Customers just have to select the dress and rest will be taken care of by Glamou Rental.

At the end of the day, I want us all to cut down on the fast fashion we’re buying then throwing away which is going straight to landfill. I want women, before they buy a new outfit, to think:

- will I wear this again?
- would someone else want to wear this?
- for this price, could I rent something from my favorite luxury designer instead?
I hope you love renting as much as I do.
Neha P