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      Silk Designer Green Crop Top Skirt - Rent
      from $68.88
      Sunny Chic - Yellow Crop Top, Palazzo Pants, and Jacket Ensemble
      from $78.00
      Smriti Apparel's Lucia green jacket set - Rent
      from $268.88
      Miracolos By Ruchi's Elegant Peach Colored Crop top & Flare Skirt - Rent
      from $108.88
      Classy Green Peplum Top with Organza Skirt - Rent
      from $98.88
      Classy Blue Peplum Top with Organza Skirt - Rent
      from $98.88
      Classy Yellow Peplum Top with Organza Skirt - Rent
      from $98.88
      Classy Red Peplum Top with Organza Skirt - Rent
      from $98.88
      Classy Grey Peplum Top with Organza Skirt - Rent
      from $98.88
      Classy Purple Peplum Top with Organza Skirt - Rent
      from $98.88
      Beautifully designed Crop top and skirt- Rent
      Regular price $142.00 Sale pricefrom $98.88 Save $43.12
      Designer Rashika's A Classy Maroon and pink Drape Skirt and Cape- Rent
      Regular price $1,194.40 Sale pricefrom $228.88 Save $965.52
      Omana by Ranjan Bothra's Beige Satin Organza Skirt Set - Rent
      from $153.88
      Beige Georgette Crop-Top Style Lehenga - Rent
      Regular price $141.26 Sale pricefrom $98.88 Save $42.38
      Peach Color Georgette Printed Crop top - Rent
      Regular price $126.97 Sale pricefrom $88.88 Save $38.09
      Sea Green Jacket Style Dress - Rent
      from $98.88
      Sky Blue Jacket Style Dress- Rent
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      Rent Lavender Foil Ghagra With Heavy Hand Work Top
      from $278.88
      Rent Light Pink Foil Ghagra With Crop Top And Jacket Style
      from $334.88
      Rent Gold Foil Ghagra With Layered Sleeve
      from $348.88
      Rent Honeycome Skirt And Crop Top Baby Pink Color
      from $250.88
      Rent Royal Maroon Silk Embellished Top And Skirt
      from $69.88
      Rent Gorgeous Maroon Silk Embellished Top And Skirt
      from $78.88
      Krupa Jain's Rent Winish Red Skirt And Crop Top
      from $144.88

      Rent Party Wear Crop Top & Skirts Online

      Are you tired of the same old wedding traditions? Ready to break free from the traditional white gown and embrace a more modern and stylish look? Look no further than the crop top and skirt combo! This unconventional wedding attire has been making waves in the fashion world, offering brides a unique and chic alternative to the traditional bridal gown. With its versatility and endless possibilities, the crop top and skirt combo allows brides to showcase their personal style and create a truly unforgettable wedding look. Whether you're going for a boho vibe with a lace crop top and flowing maxi skirt or a sleek and sophisticated ensemble with a tailored crop top and high-waisted skirt, this trend is sure to turn heads and make a statement on your big day. So, why not step out of your comfort zone and embrace modern elegance with a crop top and skirt combo for your wedding? Let's explore this exciting trend together!

      Crop Top & Skirts: What They Are?

      Crop tops and skirts are versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down. They are often seen as more casual clothing, but they can be worn for any occasion. Here are some things to know about crop tops and skirts:

      Crop tops are a popular style for summer. They are loose-fitting and often have short sleeves. They can be worn with a variety of skirts, from tight dresses to flowy summer skirts.

      Skirts can be either fitted or flowy. A fitted skirt may have a waistband or an elastic band around the thigh to help keep it in place. A flowy skirt is usually less structured and is designed to fit around the body loosely. This means that you can wear it with any top, including a crop top.


      How to Wear a Crop Top & Skirt?

      Wearing a crop top and skirt is a very popular look for women nowadays. If you're new to wearing these types of clothing, here are some things to know:

      When deciding what size to wear, always consider your bust measurement. Cropped tops typically fit closer to the body, so if you have a larger bust, go down one size.

      When choosing a skirt length, it's important to consider your height and waistline. Generally speaking, shorter skirts are better if you're shorter or don't want your knees/thighs showing. For taller women, finding a longer skirt can be more flattering because it'll cover more leg territory.

      When pairing a crop top with a skirt, ensure the skirt's bottom doesn't expose too much skin. This means opting for an opaque bottom or choosing something with sheer panels (like sheer cotton pants).


      Tips for choosing the right crop top or skirt

      When choosing a crop top or skirt, you must consider your body type, style preferences, and climate. Here are some tips for finding the right crop top or skirt for you:

      If you have curves: A crop top that fits loosely around your bust and hips will create a more flattering silhouette. Try on several different styles before making a decision.

      If you want to show off your assets, choose a tight-fitting crop top that displays your curves well. A crop top with cutouts, strapless straps, and high necklines is ideal for this style.

      If you want to stay warm in cold weather: Choose a longer skirt that reaches below your knee. A cropped hem keeps you warm when worn with boots or clogs.

      In hot weather: Choose shorter skirts that cover your bottom but leave your legs free. Be sure to pick a light fabric to move easily in the sun.