Wedding Dress Mantra for this Summer Season

May 04, 2022 4 min read

Indian weddings are among the most exciting and colourful events that one can attend. Everything is vivid and bright, from the foods to the apparel. The couples, as well as the guests, dress in lavishly embroidered garments adorned with jewels, giving them a royal appearance.

However, when the wedding season falls in the summer, the dilemma of how to slay the look in the hot and humid weather arises. Don't worry, we're here to provide you with some of the most helpful hints for slaying the look atsummer Indian weddings.

  1. Choosing the fabrics (which one to wear and not to wear)

Fabrics that are comfortable, simple to handle, and, most essential, breathable should be used. However, not all textiles are suitable for use in the summer. Here are some textiles designed specifically for summer wear to keep you cool and dry.

Viscose:-  Because it is airy, viscose is one of the greatest fabrics to wear in the summer.

This cloth does not retain heat and wicks perspiration away. Natural and synthetic elements are used to create this cloth. Sportswear is also made of viscose textiles. This soft fabric is your wedding dress motto for the summer.

Now that we know that viscose fabrics are the best choice for summer, check out some of the viscose georgette lehenga, saree for wedding guests here.

Chiffon:- It's a great choice for summer wedding attire because it's one of the lightest fabrics. Its light weight makes it breathable while also guaranteeing that the wearer is not heated.

Take a look at some of the gorgeous chiffon sarees and anarkalis available for wedding guestshere.

Silk:- Another summer wedding dress fabric that is lightweight and moisture-wicking. The delicate nature of silk fabric makes it breathable. As a result, for the summer season, you might go for a silk wedding dress.

Glamourental offers a wide range of apparel fabric alternatives. Silk sarees, anarkalis, and lehengas are available on Glamourental.

Fabrics to avoid in the summer season;Polyester,  Nylon, 100% Rayon, Heavy silks and brocades, Velvet

  1. Colours:-There are no colour restrictions, with the exception of black, which absorbs heat and causes the person wearing it to feel hotter than others. 

If you want to maintain it traditional and trendy, pastel colours will make you look more refined than the common ones. Check out some of the gorgeous pastel wedding guests dresses 

  1. Types of traditional clothes which are cool for summer

Traditional wedding attire comes in a variety of styles, but not all of them are appropriate for summer. We've listed someoutfits for summer weddings that will help you beat the heat while still enjoying the wedding.

  • Chiffon saree
  • As we know that chiffon is the best fabric for summer, you can slay the wedding with beautiful and delicate chiffon sarees. Easy to wear and handle, sareeis one of the basic yet modern traditional wear for Indian weddings. Check out gorgeous chiffon sareeshere.


  • Draped lehenga
  • Thedrape lehenga is a modern version oflehenga choli, with the dupatta draped over thelehenga to make it easier to handle. Another benefit of draped lehengas is that they are composed of light fabric, allowing you to wear a classic outfit without feeling weighed down. Check out some of the stunning draped lehengashere

    OR simple lehenga choli is also a great choice. Go for flowy and moderately embellished lehenga choliwhich is composed with breathable fabrics. You can go for these wedding lehenga dresses, as many of them are beautifully embroidered while keeping it lightweight and stunning.

    This sharara is absolutely lovely and as bright as the summer sun, making it an ideal choice for summer weddings. Because the sleeveless top is gorgeously embroidered and is combined with flared pants. Made up of breathable fabric, this ensemble is ideal for the summer, check this Bright Yellow Peplum Aabira Sharara Set

    Indian Wedding Outfits For Men

  • Kurta pyjama
  • For summer weddings, this traditional wedding guest costume is great. It's made up of a long, full-sleeve kurta(top) and normal pyjamas (bottom) with no or moderate embroidery. For your kurtapyjamas, you should choose a fabric that will keep you cool in the summer. Somekurtapyjamas come with a jacket you choose to wear or not accordingly. Check out these stylishkurta pyjamas

  • Sherwani
  • There are two types of sherwani, one which is worn by the groom and the second one is worn by guests or close relatives/friends. Sherwani comes with no or light embroidery and the pants are mostly churidar type.

    You can choose a summer-friendly sherwani and slay the wedding guest look. Check out some of the amazingsherwanis. 

    We hope that these summer weddingdress mantras can assist you in selecting the appropriate clothing for the summer season. Wear colourful traditional clothing that expresses your individuality and don't be afraid to stand out because no one will judge you.

    Weddings in India are colourful, and everyone dresses up in royal, heavily embroidered attires. The hindu and north Indian punjabi weddings are always lively and exciting, whereas the southern and muslim weddings place a greater emphasis on tradition and culture. Attending Indian weddings allows you to appreciate and get a close look at distinct and varied kinds of Indian culture, so dress appropriately and enjoy the Indian weddings to the utmost.


    Tejal Patil (Author)