Rent Gowns




      KAIRA's Rent Pleated Drape Gown
      from $158.88
      KAIRA's Rent Pleated Yok Gown for Rent
      from $148.88
      KAIRA's Sequence Bustier attached Drape Gown for Rent
      from $108.88
      Kaynaat's Deep Blue Drape Gown With Silver Handwork for Rent
      from $488.88
      Kaynaat's Nude Pink Gown with Ruffles Embroidered Belt - Rent
      from $118.88
      Kaynaat's Pink And Blue Organza Multi Layered Gown for Rent
      from $188.88
      Kaynaat's Pink Gown with Golden-Silver Embroidery - Rent
      from $188.88
      Krupa Jain's Rent Blush Pink Gown With Long Ruffel Sleeves
      from $148.88
      Label Nayna Kapoor's Rent Floor Length Gown With Attached Cape
      from $168.88
      Label Nayna Kapoor's Rent Pastel Green Layered Floor Length Gown
      from $128.88
      Lavender Leaf Design Kaftan Style Gown for Rent
      from $148.88
      Light Blue Organza Indo Western Gown for Rent
      from $138.88
      Light Chocolate Full Embroidered Gowns - Rent
      Regular price $427.14 Sale pricefrom $299.00 Save $128.14
      Light Green Partywear Gown - Rent
      from $248.88
      Light Pink Partywear Gown - Rent
      from $248.88
      Meraj couture's Dark Grey sparkle gown - RENT
      from $815.00
      Meraj couture's Dark Grey sparkle Gowns - RENT
      from $815.00
      Meraj couture's Light Grey Sparkle Gown - RENT
      from $770.00
      Meraj couture's Light Grey Sparkle Gowns - RENT
      from $770.00
      Meraj couture's Onion Pink Gown - Rent
      from $445.00
      Meraj couture's Onion Pink Gowns - Rent
      from $445.00
      Meraj couture's Onion Pink Ruffled Gown - RENT
      from $769.00
      Meraj couture's Onion Pink Ruffled Gowns - RENT
      from $769.00
      Meraj couture's Rouge Pink Gown - RENT
      from $977.00

      Elevate Your Style with Stunning Rental Gowns for Every Occasion

      Gowns are an essential part of any formal outfit, especially on your wedding day. Whether you’re attending a black-tie event or need an extraordinary dress for your special day, Glamou Rental has you covered. Here's everything you need to know about our designer wedding gowns and how to make the right choice.

      Types of Designer Wedding Gowns

      At Glamou Rental, we offer a curated collection of designer wedding gowns, each with unique features and styles to suit your preferences.

      1. Princess Dress: Our princess dresses are fitted with high necklines, creating a delicate and sweet look. Sleeveless designs allow you to showcase elegant tattoos or bridal jewelry, ensuring you feel like royalty on your wedding day.

      2. Mermaid Dress: For a contemporary and enchanting vibe, consider our mermaid dresses. The flowing fabrics give a magical underwater appearance, adding mystery to your wedding day allure.

      3. Ballgown: If you want a glamorous yet less traditional option, our ballgowns feature intricate details like lace appliques and billowing skirts. Stand out from the crowd while feeling like a beautiful bride.

      Choosing the Perfect Gown

      When selecting a gown from Glamou Rental, consider the following factors:

      • Body Type: Our collection caters to various body types, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

      • Occasion: Whether it's a formal wedding or a daytime event, Glamou Rental has the ideal gown for every occasion.

      • Budget: Our designer gowns offer elegance at affordable prices. Choose the gown that fits your budget without compromising on style.

      Caring for Your Rental Gown

      We want you to look and feel your best in our designer gowns. Here are some tips to ensure your gown stays in perfect condition:

      • Storage: Store your gown in a cool, dry place to preserve its beauty.

      • Cleaning: Avoid damage by refraining from using the dryer. Be gentle when cleaning and steer clear of rubbing against the fabric.

      • Wearing: Only wear gowns in pristine condition. Do not wear if ripped or stained.

      In Conclusion

      Your wedding day is special, and Glamou Rental is here to make it even more memorable. Consider your body type, the occasion, and your budget when choosing the perfect gown. Our curated collection ensures you'll find a dress that suits your personality and the significance of the event.

      Elevate your wedding attire with Glamou Rental, where elegance meets affordability. Rent your dream designer wedding gown today.