Navy Blue Printed Kurta with White Pajama - Rent
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      Blue Color Printed Kurta with White Pajama - Rent
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      Dark Blue Color Printed Readymade Kurta Pajama - Rent
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      BluesnGreys Navy Blue With Thread Embroidery Asysymetrical Designer Sherwani Pant Set - Rent
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      Classy Sea Green and White Printed sherwani set - Rent
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      Elegant Black & Grey Embroidered Wedding Sherwani - Rent
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      Purple Color Printed Readymade Kurta Pajama - Rent
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      Designer Rashika's Red Color Printed Readymade Kurta with White Pajama - Rent
      from $70.00
      Classy Printed Kurta set with Nehru Jacket- Rent
      from $108.88
      Embroidered Art Silk Jacquard Kurta Set - Rent
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      Stylish and Classy White Printed sherwani set - Rent
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      Stylish Heavy Embroidered Peach Sherwani set - Rent
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      Elegant White Printed sherwani set - Rent
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      Rent Cream & Maroon Colour Sherwani for Groom
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      Blue and red Printed Readymade Kurta Pajama - Rent
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      White Colour embroidered Silk Sherwani - Clearance
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      Rent White Colour embroidered Silk Sherwani
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      Teal Blue Nehru Coat with Asymmetric Collar - Rent
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      Rent Beige Colour Gold embroidered Silk Sherwani
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      Maroon & Beige embroidered Silk Kurta - Rent
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      Timeless Cream colored Printed sherwani Set- Rent
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      Plain White Off Centre Nehru with a Subdued Green Kurta - Rent
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      Elegant Brown Printed Kurta set - Rent
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      Classy Printed Kurta set - Rent
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      Discover the Best Wedding Outfits for Men

      For attendees of Indian weddings, especially men, there's a diverse range of traditional outfits perfectly suited for the occasion. These men's wedding outfits seamlessly blend elegance with cultural richness, ensuring you look your best while honoring tradition. Here are some popular options:


      A sherwani epitomizes sophistication and grace. This long coat-like garment, worn over a kurta and churidar, is often adorned with intricate embroidery or embellishments, making it a top choice for men's wedding outfits during ceremonies.

      Bandhgala Suit

      Also known as the Jodhpuri suit, this formal ensemble features a short, Nehru collar jacket paired with trousers. It strikes a perfect balance between modern style and traditional charm, making it an ideal option for wedding receptions or ceremonies.

      Kurta Pyjama

      A timeless and versatile choice, the kurta pyjama ensemble comprises a long tunic paired with loose-fitting trousers (pyjama). Comfortable yet stylish, it's suitable for various wedding events, particularly daytime functions.

      Indo-Western Outfits

      Mens wedding outfits often incorporate Indo-Western styles, blending Western elements with traditional Indian attire. These ensembles may include jackets, waistcoats, or dhoti pants paired with kurtas, offering a contemporary twist to classic looks.

      Safa (Turban)

      Elevate your appearance by adding a safa or turban to your mens wedding outfit. Safas come in a variety of colors and designs, adding a touch of regal charm to your overall look.


      Complete your ensemble with traditional accessories such as mojaris (embroidered shoes), a stole or dupatta, and ethnic jewelry like brooches or necklaces. These accessories add finesse and flair to your mens wedding outfit, enhancing your overall appearance.

      When selecting your attire, consider the formality of the event and the venue's cultural expectations. Additionally, choosing fabrics and colors that complement the wedding's theme or season can further enhance your look, ensuring you stand out while paying homage to tradition.

      Benefits of Renting Men's Wedding Outfits

      Renting men's wedding outfits offers several advantages that make it a practical and cost-effective choice for many grooms and wedding guests. Here are some of the benefits:

      Cost-Effectiveness: Renting a wedding outfit is often more affordable than purchasing one outright. Wedding attire, especially traditional garments like sherwanis or bandhgalas, can be quite expensive. Renting allows you to access high-quality attire for a fraction of the cost.


      Rental services typically offer a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. This variety ensures that you can find the perfect outfit that suits your taste and the wedding's theme without being limited by what's available for purchase in local stores.


      Renting eliminates the need to spend time shopping for and purchasing a wedding outfit, which can be time-consuming and stressful. Rental services often provide convenient online booking options, allowing you to browse and reserve your attire from the comfort of your own home.

      Quality Assurance

      Reputable rental services ensure that their garments are well-maintained, cleaned, and pressed before each rental. This guarantees that you'll receive a high-quality outfit that looks fresh and impeccable on your special day.


      Renting gives you the flexibility to choose different outfits for various wedding events without investing in multiple ensembles. Whether you need a formal sherwani for the ceremony or a more casual kurta pyjama for the reception, rental services can accommodate your needs.

      Space Saving

      Wedding attire, especially traditional garments, can take up a significant amount of storage space. Renting eliminates the need to store bulky outfits after the wedding, freeing up space in your wardrobe for other items.

      Environmental Impact

      Renting wedding attire promotes sustainability by reducing the demand for new clothing production. By opting to rent rather than buy, you're contributing to the reduction of waste and environmental impact associated with garment manufacturing.

      Overall, renting men's wedding outfits offers a convenient, cost-effective, and sustainable alternative to purchasing attire outright, making it an attractive option for grooms and wedding guests alike.