A Detailed Guide to the Quality Check Procedure for all your rentals

A Detailed Guide to the Quality Check Procedure for all your rentals

Hello there! Be it renting the perfect outfit from your dream label for your special day or standing out as the best dressed on any occasion, we know that you are on the lookout for that perfect attire. 

However, are you holding back on getting that perfect dress because of quality concerns? Do you believe that opting for a rental is not as good as new? No need to fret further,Glamour Rental has got you covered!

Our quality check procedure is carried out with utmost care and attention to every part of each of your dream outfits. This makes our wedding dress rentals not only as good as new, but it also comes with additional perks! Don’t believe us? Here’s our quality check procedure just for you.

Quality standards of the fabric

Even though our big label outfits are priced at heavily discounted rates, you won't find much of a  difference in terms of fabric quality, design work and the look and feel as a whole! 

Cleaning our rental outfits

Many of our rental outfits, are quite the hot sellers. This automatically brings one to the question whether our collection is cleaned after every rental.

Don’t worry, we make it a point to dry clean each and every outfit after it is returned. Hence, every time you rent a wedding dress we assure you that it is good as a brand-new outfit.

Damage check on returns

Every time a rental outfit is returned to us, we do a thorough check for any kind of damages on the outfit. We understand that on some occasions, wear and tear might be a true accident. In such cases of damage, we utilize the security deposit to repair and fix the outfit.

Once the outfit is fixed, it goes through another meticulous round of quality check before being made available to the customers.

Outfit misfits

With regard to outfit misfits, we also have a procedure in place which won’t let your special day be affected in any which way.

Once you check that the outfit doesn't fit you, you can immediately call us, and we will make sure to tend to your needs. We also attend to every question customers have about their bridal outfit fittings and specific measurements. Furthermore, in situations where the customer is not able to decide on a particular size, we also tend to provide back-up options for your rentals.

We are a made–to-order brand and hence, we attend to customizing each outfit as per the customers ask with great importance.

Order related concerns

If you have some questions or clarifications regarding the order, outfit or the rental period we always make a point to attend to each and every one of them. You can reach out to us at info@glamourrental.com or call us at  +1 (732)-737-8374

Additionally, just like most stores, we also have a 10-day cancellation policy in place, wherein you can earn store credit which is valid up to a year.

We hope that now you are a bit more confident about purchasing rentals from us! If you are still in two minds about our quality standards, here customer reviews page are a few accounts of customers who have rented our outfit previously! 

All in all, if you are looking for an affordable and sustainable way of enjoying your day in your dream outfit, you sure can count on us!


--- Anwesha