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How To Choose A Perfect Indian Wedding Dress According To Your Skin Tone

Every girl likes a wardrobe filled with gorgeous clothes. This becomes all the more important while planning for your wedding especially as everyone’s eyes is going to be transfixed on your every move on your special day. Indian brides used to previously opt for traditional red color while planning their wedding trousseau as this color is considered auspicious in accordance with Hindu mythology. But the modern-day brides are challenging traditions and breaking the shackles of set perceptions to come up with ground-breaking trends which strike the right balance between comfort and fashion.

When it comes to deciding on the color of your wedding attire, you can exercise complete flexibility. But if you wish to play it safe and go by the set philosophies shared by different style gurus, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to discuss in brief about the colors which suit and flatter specific complexions amongst the three different varieties of fair, wheatish and dusky Indian tones.

• Fair Complexion
Fair skinned ladies have a whole lot of options open in front of them when it comes to deciding on their wedding attire. While most of the colors look good on these women, then need to opt for the ones which look the best. Bright shades of blue, pink and red can bring out your peachy complexion. If you wish to make the shutterbugs go crazy while capturing your graceful silhouette, then you can opt for tangerine, royal blue and even marsala red. While dressing up for a morning function, you can keep things subtle by opting for shades of light pink, light purple, peach and mint green. You should also make it a point of staying away from shades of grey and brown as they tend to look lacklustre in comparison to your fair skin.

• Wheatish Complexion
Women blessed with wheatish complexion usually get pretty confused while deciding on their bridal garment shade as almost all colors look equally flattering on them. But the trick here lies in choosing the one which brings out the warmth of your complexion in the best possible manner. For this, you can proceed with the shades of saffron yellow, tangy orange, hot pink and vibrant shades of red. If you want to steer clear of the ordinary shades, then you can choose an outfit in shades of royal blue or mind green. But you need to avoid shades of grey, toasted almond and beige as they do not look very flattering on wheatish ladies.

• Dusky complexion
Ladies having olive skin tone look regal in dark shades such as brick red, burnt orange, classic blue and marsala red. Metallic hues in gold and silver also look exceptionally good on these sensual ladies as they tag along an ethereal glow on your D-day. Bright neon shades are an absolute no-no for dusky divas as they don’t blend in well with their complexion.


Selecting the wedding dress is bound to become super easy once you develop a clear notion about the specific shades which will look best on your complexion. So, take your pick and don’t forget to share the pictures of your special day with us.