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Tips for Choosing a Gorgeous Wedding Dress on Rent

Every girl dreams to have a perfect wedding and her dress stands out as one of the most vital element of that dream. The bridal attire is one such thing which can either make or break your overall look and that is why everyone wants to bring home the best piece available in the market.

But this might be a bit difficult for all the Cinderella’s out there who do not have a fairy godmother to grant them their wish of an ethereal bridal wear by a simple swish of the magic wand. Exorbitant rates charged by the premium designers of the bridal wear segment might trigger many-a-heartbreaks amongst the vivacious brides.

Renting of bridal wears have come up as a potent solution to this problem of modern day brides. You can actually get your hands on the trendiest of styles by paying just a fraction of the cost and saving your finances to purchase jewellery and booking the best makeup artist in town. But before you proceed with the same, you need to acknowledge the following things for making the most out of renting your bridal attire.

• Fit Matters
The first thing which you need to consider is your fit. The dress rental platforms stock in their star collections in a plethora of sizes. Some even have try before you buy option so that you can be guaranteed of a seamless fit while walking down the aisle. If you weight doesn’t alter much before the occasion, then you are bound to look good in the same.

• Miscellaneous Charges
While renting a bridal dress, you need to be aware of the hidden charges which can ultimately add up to your cart amount. You need to be especially cautious about pressing and post-wear cleaning so that any exorbitant fee doesn’t get levied on your rented dress. Instances are not rare where would-be brides rented their favorite attire from rental platforms only to return the same without proper cleaning and were charged with a hefty penalty.

• It Will Not Actually be Yours
Something that you rent online will eventually have to be returned unless you decide on keeping the same. We understand how attached brides become with their special attire, but in this case, it will be best if you can keep your emotions under control. You also need to understand the fact that the particular dress might have been worn by various brides before you and shall be worn by more brides after you.

• Alterations
Suppose you specify your size and get the rented bridal wear shipped but it doesn’t fit you like it should have once you try it out physically. In such cases, it becomes necessary to alter the same. You should thus be aware of the alteration policies of the rental platform for gleaming in your best fit.


In the modern era of Pinterest inspired dreamy weddings, brides can often be seen raving about the outfits sported by their favorite Bollywood divas on their weddings. Since these outfits come with a hefty price tag, designer boutiques often do not stock the same. This however is not the case with online rental boutiques where you are bound to feel spoilt for choice. So, rent your favorite wedding attire and make your friends go green with envy as you rock the bridal fashion scene with panache.