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Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Engagement Dress

Now that your engagement date has been finalised and your friends have already started pouring in their congrats messages in advance, you also need to start your search for the perfect engagement attire. Your engagement can be thought of as the first step taken in this eternal journey of love. Thus, your look for this event also needs to be such that you can cherish the same even while browsing through the photographs a few years down the line. To make things easy, we have brought a handy guide comprising the meansof buying your engagement attire.

• Never Say No To Trends
The unique thing about fashion is that it keeps on changing with the passage of time. Thus, something which was a hit in runaway fashion and could also be seen lining the racks of boutique stores might become outdated a few years down the line. Hence, it becomes imperative to have clear knowledge about the latest trends of bridal fashion before deciding on your engagement wear. Lehenga-choli, lehenga sari, cocktail gowns and full length anarkalis suits are the newest trends of bridal fashion. But rather than going blindly with the trends, you need to try it out for ensuring optimum comfort while sporting the attire on your special day.

• A Rainbow Of Colors
While wedding attires need to be selected in bright and rich shades, engagement dresses look best in subtle shades radiating a pure and innocent vibe. Colors like baby blue, pink or peach can look exceptionally flattering on would-brides who are preparing to get engaged with their soul mates. It also becomes easy to zero down on your attire shade once you consider the time of the ceremony. Morning functions are ideal for sporting cool pastels shades whereas night parties call for bold and rich colors. You need to also consider your complexion before deciding on the engagement wear. Fair-skinned ladies look good in shades of pastel, orange, pink and red while warm earthy tones can flatter wheatish or olive skinned women.

• Don’t Forget To Experiment
If you wish to stand out of the queue, then you need to try and break the monotony of the normal attires available in the market. For this you can opt for multi-coloured or double-shaded outfits. These quirky patterns can impart a fresh look as you opt for a complementary color shade which paints a soothing end picture.

• Trial & Error
While practice makes a man perfect, trial makes a woman’s dress prefect. You need to try out different outfits before deciding on the one which suits your best. It also pays to have a complete try-out of your hair-do, makeup and accessories so that you are not left with any loop-holes on your D-day.


With a plethora of options available in the market, you are bound to feel a bit confused initially. But things will definitely seem a lot easier once you abide by the tips shared by our expert in-house fashion gurus. So, get your hands on the perfect engagement attire and get ready to achieve new milestones in the world of bridal fashion.