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Lehenga Trends to Look out for this Wedding Season!

Weddings - and especially Indian weddings are no less than a runway! People prepare and plan to attend weddings extravagantly, which brings us to the question - are you ready to attend an Indian wedding this year and slay? Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, you need to be on the lookout for the latest trends in the market to catch on! One favorite outfit, an ever-lasting go-to of most girls and women attending an Indian wedding is a lehenga! Thanks to the huge demand, the fashion industry keeps coming with new and more creative lehenga designs every year if not more frequently! While that means you have a ton of options, it also means there’s a lot of fashion growing old and obsolete quicker than you can imagine! But we want you to look absolutely stunning - feel beautiful, and walk with confidence - to the next Indian wedding you attend!

So, we bring to you the latest lehenga trends to look out for this wedding season right here! Read up, choose and start your prep! Best thing? You can rent all these pieces for a duration of 3, 5, or 7 days at Glamourental!

Very Peri

Pantone has announced Very Peri - a shade of purple as the official color of the year 2022. This obviously means the artists and designers worldwide are going to go crazy and high on this color - which also means you should catch up! If you want to stay on top of the fashion game and look amazing, here are a few Very Peri lehengas by GlamourRental that you can get for yourself this wedding season:

Very Peri in Rent Designer Dresses


Very Peri in Rent Designer Dresses(2)

This Beautiful light/pastel purple piece will allow you the beauty of simplicity! Intricately designed with simple yet gorgeous details on the pieces of this outfit make it perfect for a light evening celebration. The use of the contrasting yellow brings out the color in purple too!

You can Get This Here at just $95 for 3 days!

Very Peri in Rent Designer Dresses(3)


Very Peri in Rent Designer Dresses(4)

This is another simple yet classy purple piece by Glamourental that has us all in awe! The starry finish of the lehenga and dupatta gives you that glamorous feel - yet, the pastel tone to the color gives you the subtle twist to the outfit. With the right accessories and makeup, this lehenga can be the star of the night!

You can Get This Here at just $285 for 3 days!

Wedding Gown Rental


Wedding Gown Rental (2)

This breathtaking designer lehenga by Glamourental can be your key to slay this wedding season! The layered style of the lehenga and the glamorous design of the blouse/choli makes it a package of an outfit to die for! The color, obviously, gives you an edge over regular go-to choices! So, don’t wait! Get this and look phenomenal!

You can Get This Here at just $85 for 3 days!

Killing it with Contrast

If the past few years have taught us anything, it is that you must seize the moment before it passes and gets lost forever! 2022 has no time to play it safe - you have to get your crazy colorful self out! Here are a few contrast lehengas that would look just perfect on you, this wedding season!


Wedding Gown Rental(3)

Starting with a classic pastel and pink option here by Glamourental, you can choose from a range of contrast-coloured lehengas to go with. This piece allows you a combination of bold and subtle if you want to go with trends, yet keep it easy! The contrasting pink brings out the glory in the pastel green of this lehenga - just like it will make you look simply glorious!

You can Get This Here at just $149 for 3 days!

Wedding Gown Rental(5)


Wedding Gown Rental(6)

Taking on the bold angle, we bring to you Glamourental’s bold and beautiful Yellow Embroidered Lehenga Choli! Its bright and contrasting colors will catch every eye in the room when you wear it to the next Indian wedding you attend! Before you miss it, get it!

You can Get This Here at just $97 for 3 days!

Glamor on the top

Another trend in the lehenga industry is to play bold and glamorous with the top i.e. the blouse of the lehenga! It gives you a bold look and the confidence you need to simply walk like you own the room! Here are some gorgeous yet playful lehengas by Glamourental that have added an extra portion of glamorous on the top!

Rent Bridesmaid Dresses


Rent Bridesmaid Dresses(2)

This Mauve Georgette Mirror Work Lehenga Set by GR brings out the pure beauty of your collar bones and shoulders! The off-shoulder blouse - combined with the beautiful mirror details throughout gives you that extra shine you need on a special day! Get playful and bold with this lehenga - rent it today!

You can Get This Here at just $80 for 3 days!

Rent Bridesmaid Dresses3


Rent Bridesmaid Dresses-4



This breathtaking Red Designer Lehenga by Glamourental has all you need to go bold and beautiful to your next Indian wedding! Suitable for both guests and brides, this lehenga brings an edgy design element to the table with its backless blouse and contrasting colour combination with red and blue!

You can Get This Here at just $199 for 3 days!

Monotone Madness

It is as bold to wear a monotone lehenga set as it is to wear a lehenga with three contrasting colours! Monotone is an everlasting trend that seems to almost never fade. Using a single colour or shades of the same colour to design a complete outfit - if done right can become magical. You can use this and play with off-regular colors to bring out the best out of just one color! Here are some monotone lehenga pieces by Glamourental you can choose from:

Rent Dresses Online


Rent Dresses Online-2

This monotone Georgette Sequin Embroidered Lehenga by Glamourental really brings out the best out of just one color - thanks to its unique color selection - navy blue. The deep blue color complements the glimmery shine of the sequin work throughout the lehenga. The simple net dupatta adds to the overall charm of this outfit! This outfit along with intelligently chosen statement jewelry can become an absolutely sinful combination! Wear it on a sangeet night or mehendi ceremony - either way the bling is worth the cost! So, just stop thinking, and pick this one for the next Indian wedding you attend and look gorgeous!

You can Get This Here at just $86 for 3 days!

Indian Outfits for Wedding Guest


Indian Outfits for Wedding Guest

This Soft Net Embroidered Lehenga Choli offers a beautiful combination of pastel and monotone that looks absolutely divine! The soft green color brings out the best in the outfit - giving you a perfect blend of subtle and stylish. The net dupatta complements the look perfectly. Pick this piece and pair it with a nice set of statement jewelry and you will be good to go and take everyone’s breath away at the next Indian wedding! So, why wait? Book it with Glamourental today!

You can Get This Here at just $80 for 3 days!

Indian Outfits for Wedding Guest 3


Indian Outfits for Wedding Guest 4

Another monotone masterpiece by Glamourental is this Light Pink Heavy net Lehenga Choli. The light color of the outfit allows you the easiness and comfort, while the design makes sure it's keeping things exciting! This is perfect for a nice evening gathering for any Indian wedding celebration. From a bright sangeet to a full-fledged wedding night - this piece will give you the perfect look!

You can Get This Here at just $349 for 3 days!

Look ‘Fly’ with a Cape

Playing with the different pieces of the lehenga  is one of the favorite techniques of designers worldwide to lift up the overall look of the outfit! Another trend that has been an utter favorite among designers and people alike is switching up dupattas with capes! The divine designs that this little tweak brings to the outfit can sure make you feel powerful as a superwoman! Here are a few lehengas with cape by Glamourental you can use to power-dress this wedding season!

Indian Outfits for Wedding Guest 5


Indian Outfits for Wedding Guest 6

Deep red is supposed to feel like pure power anyway, and this lehenga in deep red (or maroon) comes along with a cape to make sure you feel like a superhero! The beautiful solid satin skirt complements the embroided blouse perfectly! So before you conclude this wedding season, gear up with this glamorous armour!

You can Get This Here at just $149 for 3 days!

rental designer clothes


rental designer clothes - 2

This beautiful Green Embroidered Scallop Cape Lehenga Set by GlamourRental is a powerful piece as it is - and it comes with a cape! The light mint-green solid satin skirt with the bold white embroidered blouse will make you look like an absolute goddess. The cape, both complements and completes the look of this piece - allowing you the ease and power you need to slay at this wedding season!

You can Get This Here at just $129 for 3 days!