Trendy Indo western Jumpsuits and Drape Sarees for Indian weddings.

Trendy Indo western Jumpsuits and Drape Sarees for Indian weddings.

Indo-Western fashion is defined by elements that can be integrated from traditional outfits and mixed with modern style. Following this trend, glamourental has introduced a variety of Indo western jumpsuits and drape sarees for you to choose from. Jumpsuits and sarees have been popular in fashion for a long time. However, fashion continues to evolve, modifying the ways in which these two classic garments can be worn. Modern versions of these two are popular, and you may see celebrities wearing these stylish jumpsuits and drape sarees at various traditional events. No matter how old a clothing style becomes, it can always be improved by twisting and turning it, and it will never go out of style.

The coolest thing about Indo western clothing is that it can be worn to any traditional occasion while still looking authentic and ethnic. This allows you to slay your western style without sacrificing your traditional attire.

Trendy Indo western jumpsuits and drape sarees for Indian weddings.

Indian weddings or traditional events have an importance of attires preferably traditional attires which enhance the importance of the event. But there are very limited options of what one can wear in traditional events. It may limit attires to lehengas or sarees and this might become monotonous and outdated. I understand if you say, "The same old fashion for every traditional occasion feels boring and unattractive; I want something new." There is no need to stick to the same old traditional clothing style because we have a list of clothes that are a mix of traditional Indian wear and modern western attires. These outfits are appropriate for any Indian traditional event or wedding. 

 No offence to traditional sarees and lehengas, but if you want a traditional style with a modern twist, these stylish Indo western jumpsuits and drape sarees will genuinely enhance the look without sacrificing authenticity. Indo western fashion enters the picture when you are looking to change your shopping list, giving the old traditional style a modern touch. So, if you're looking for a traditional outfit to go to a wedding or other traditional event, keep reading because I have chosen some of the best Indo western attires for you. 


A jumpsuit is essentially a one-piece garment. It is most commonly seen in the western style. However, that's not all: jumpsuits have been redesigned with undeniably desi flair. The traditional Indo western jumpsuit dress provides everything you're looking for. A traditional jumpsuit outfit will ensure that your ethnic style is maintained. 

The jumpsuits are designed with an Indian touch to them, making them a full-fledged traditional attire. Here are some of the amazing Indo western jumpsuits for different occasions like festivals or weddings.

One thing to keep in mind is that, don’t shy away from wearing heavily embroidered dresses, jewellery because Indian weddings and ceremonies are always exuberant.

Here are some Indo western outfits to consider.

  1. Black coloured Full embroidered Jumpsuit – Rent

A beautifully crafted traditional jumpsuit is the best choice for any traditional event or if you are going to attend a wedding as a guest. It has a colourful floral design all over and palazzo looking bottom has nice volume to it which gives the jumpsuit a lehenga bottom look. You can pair the jumpsuit with any Indian jewellery to complete the look and are now all ready to slay the event with this indo-western jumpsuit dress. You can wear these jumpsuits as guests at Indian weddings or any Indian festival. 

 Rent this Indo-western jumpsuit for only $99.00 on

Black coloured Full embroidered Jumpsuit
  1. Blue ruffle layer Jumpsuit

Looking for an outfit for the wedding party? Then this one is the right choice. This elegant raffle layer jumpsuit dress has everything you are looking for. The palazzo bottom and a shimmery neckline make it perfectly elegant to slay an event. You can pair this blue jumpsuit with diamond jewellery. This shimmery ruffle jumpsuit can be worn at wedding receptions or events.

Rent this elegant jumpsuit only at $109.00 on

Blue ruffle layer Jumpsuit in Online Rent Clothes


  1. Canary Yellow Cowl Jumpsuit – Rent

Canary Yellow Cowl one-shoulder Jumpsuit has vivid embroidery and a palazzo look at the bottom. This yellow jumpsuit outfit is ideal for pre-wedding This yellow jumpsuit outfit is ideal for the pre-wedding ceremony - Haldi. As Haldi is a ceremony of yellow colour this jumpsuit outfit goes perfect with it. 

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Canary Yellow Cowl Jumpsuit - Online Rent Clothes


Drape sarees

One of the most classic Indian outfits is 'saree'. Sarees have been worn by Indian women for over 5,000 years. Since then, the way sarees were draped has evolved dramatically. The saree, however, has not gone out of style in the twenty-first century. No matter how much the fashion industry evolves, Indian women's love for sarees will never die.

The way it is presently draped has changed quite a bit, transforming it into an Indo western outfit. At weddings and traditional celebrations, many women still prefer to wear sarees. An Indian wedding is incomplete without traditional attire. As a result, it is critical to recognise that the saree is an integral part of Indian clothing for women.

Keeping the importance of sarees in mind, here are some Indo-Western sarees with an Indian touch and a dash of modernism. The thing that all Indo western drape sarees have in common is that, unlike in the past, they are simple to wear and carry. So don't be concerned about whether you'll be able to handle it or not; you will, and you'll also be able to slay the look.

  1. Maroon Georgette Drape Style Saree – Rent

 Marron Bold drape saree in Indo western design is perfect for Indian weddings and festivities. This saree can also be worn by brides for wedding occasions or receptions. The bottom of the saree is complemented by the elaborately embroidered blouse. You can accessorise this saree with a variety of Indian jewellery to complete the look. A draping saree that is easy to wear and carry is a great option for you to amuse everyone.

This drape saree style is for you if you are looking to wear something heavy and bold for your wedding ceremonies or as a guest. 

Rent this drape saree for only $129 on

Maroon Georgette Drape Style Saree - Online Rent Clothes


  1. Peach Ruffle Drape Lehenga saree – Rent

All you need is an elegant peach drape saree with lovely ruffles to dazzle everyone. The saree is peach in hue and has a long lehenga bottom and a soft cream blouse with lovely embroidery. The saree has a cream coloured belt to complete the aesthetic. This drape saree like lehenga is an excellent choice for events such as engagement ceremonies. This frilly saree would make you feel like a queen killing the look.

Rent this drape lehenga saree at $279 only on

Peach Ruffle Drape Lehenga saree


  1. Pink Saanjh Drape saree set – Rent

If you are tired of lehenga bottom sarees then this one is for you. The pink colour saanjh drape saree has changed the concept of saree, as it has pant bottom which makes it more modern. Saree will make you feel stylish and confident as it is easy to wear and has an Indian touch to it to add to its beauty the pink saree is elevated by beautiful golden embroidery. You can wear it at any traditional event.

If you're seeking something more fashionable yet authentic, choose this drape saree style with pants. You can try out this stylish drape saree by renting it on glamourental at $ 179. 

Pink Saanjh Drape saree set


On the glamourental website, there are some more fantastic Indo western outfits. You can browse their excellent collection and make your selection based on your preferences.

We spend a lot of money on one-time event apparel and then throw it away. However, glamourental has a fantastic alternative for renting such expensive clothes. This way, you may slay at every event with new outfits without worrying about your closet becoming overcrowded.

Whatever you wear, wear with confidence!

People are increasingly concerned about the way they look in this new era. and the majority of them are self-conscious about their bodies. However, rather than allowing others to judge you, you must choose yourself over all other judgments.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you wear; what matters is your self-assurance. No matter what size or form your body is, the more confident you are in it, the more attractive and charming you appear. Therefore, to slay any look and apparel, we must be confident in who we are and what we wear.