Bride wearing a rented Indian wedding dress

Biggest Reasons to Rent Your Indian Wedding Dress

Every girl dreams about having a fairytale wedding in the most beautiful dress she can imagine. Everything needs to be perfect on this special day, especially her wedding dress, the bridal lehenga. Now, the burning question for every bride-to-be is whether to rent a wedding dress or buy it. While buying your bridal lehenga means you can keep it and hold onto it as a cherished memory, renting it also has many benefits. Since this is a big decision, we will help you a little. In this article, you'll find the biggest reasons to rent your Indian wedding dress. If you're indecisive, keep reading for helpful advice!

It won't cost you an arm and a legย 

Weddings are expensive. That's a fact. One of the highest costs of weddings is no other than wedding dresses, especially if you want a designer bridal lehenga. Of course, every bride wants to shine on her big day in the most beautiful dress in the world. However, wedding lehengas and matching jewelry might easily set you back 2000 Dollars. Yes, the sky's the limit here. Depending on the designer and style, your lehenga and jewelry might easily break the bank.

On the other hand, renting a wedding lehenga and matching accessories allows you to choose the style of your desire while just paying a fraction of the specified price. So, if you think about it,

it's almost like having your cake and eating it too! Isn't this a good enough reason to rent your Indian wedding dress?

Money re-allocation

Speaking of saving money, we must mention the budget re-allocation. Nowadays, brides are realistic and reasonable. However, the economic scales and wedding options are costly. You'll have to strike a balance between a competent photographic service, a makeup artist, and your budget. In such a case, you would be far better off renting your wedding gown and re-allocating that money to a better photographic service for eternal memories or booking that fairytale venue you fell in love with. Therefore, renting your Indian wedding dress and jewelry frees up funds for you to spend on other services and make your wedding day memorable for everyone.

Bride and her friends

It's practical

Let's be honest for a second. When are you going to wear your lehenga again after your Indian wedding? Perhaps you're one of those creative brides that will restyle it into an everyday design. However, chances are it'll wind up in long-term and dark storage, taking up wardrobe space and becoming faded, musty, and torn by moths. So, why would you spend so much money on something you'll only wear once? It's not practical at all!ย 

After all, you'll need extra space in your new home for all the wedding presents and new furniture, you don't need one dress taking up half your storage space, right? Moreover, once all the presents come, you might need extra storage to store them anyway. We suggest providing extra space for this by renting a storage unit where you'll keep everything you don't plan to use often or items these presents will replace but you don't want to get rid of yet.

No aftercareย 

Even after the wedding, your bridal lehenga needs continuous care. To avoid zari or embroidery breaking, they must be opened and folded in the opposite way. You must protect it from dampness and other conditions, and it will always take up a lot of room in your closet. And your wedding jewelry is too big and showy to wear to a party or event without looking like a Christmas tree! They, too, come with some aftercare, such as polishing and cleaning.

However, you have no obligation for your wedding dress after the wedding when you rent your wedding gown and accessories. That's the responsibility of a lehenga rental service. Therefore, rent your Indian wedding dress, and it will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Wedding Jewellery

The upside of renting is not having to take care of your wedding dress after the wedding.

Easier to find your size and fitย 

A store-bought lehenga does not guarantee a proper fit. They generally only carry the most popular sizes or only one size. They may even charge you an additional fee for adjustments and changes to the lehenga. You will most likely buy your lehenga months before your wedding, and you may gain/lose a few pounds in the process. As a result, you might have to rush to have it altered again! On the other hand, renting a dress ensures that you will be a good fit because you will get it close to your wedding day.

A chance to wear a designer pieceย 

Most retail stores will be hesitant to stock a designer piece for fear of it not selling. On the other hand, original designer lehengas are extremely expensive. So, what is the solution here? It's simple. Check with your local dress vendor! They will likely have designer pieces because they are more in demand for their business. You may rent designer wedding gowns for a fraction of the price. Isn't that fantastic?

Furthermore, you can visit your favorite designer stores and ask for a renting option. This is also a great way to wear a dress you've always dreamed of without spending your budget. It's a win-win situation.

Traditional Indian wedding dress

Believe it or not, renting your Indian wedding dress means you'll find your size and fit more easily.

You'll save a ton of time

Finding, fitting, and customizing a lehenga will most certainly consume your wedding preparation time. And you'll only wear it once! For example, after you find your perfect dress, you'll have to wait over a month for the store to customize the dress for you. On the other hand, renting a dress will take minimal customization or none at all. As we mentioned earlier, there's a good chance you'll find the lehenga that fits you perfectly.

The time saved by renting can be used to plan other elements of the wedding or give you more breathing room, so you don't stress as much. The time savings extend beyond the wedding day because you won't have to spend time preserving your lehenga afterward. After all, aftercare is as simple as returning it to the rental store.

Final thoughtsย 

While buying your bridal lehenga is something every bride-to-be dreams of, renting it makes more sense. As you can see, you'll save time, money if you decide to rent your Indian wedding dress. There's a good chance you'll be able to wear the designer piece you always wanted, and you'll find the right size more easily. You won't have to think about the aftercare. Therefore, you'll shine on your special day in your dream dress even if you decide to rent it. You'll just make the whole process easier. Sounds fantastic, right?